The Paterson Restoration Corporation (PRC) is establishing a food business incubation program in the City of Paterson, New Jersey, and has acquired a building to be utilized for this purpose located at 163-177 Pennsylvania Avenue. The PRC has also gained funding towards equipment purchase and building renovation, enabling this project... Más >
In June of this year, the Rutgers Food Innovation Center (FIC) completed a feasibility study to assesses global best practices in business incubation and to determine the business model that will best maximize economic impacts and sustain such an incubation facility in the City of Paterson. In addition, the FIC... Más >
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 26, 2016 Rutgers Food Innovation Center to Lead Feasibility Study with City of Paterson to Create Food Business Incubation Program Informational meeting for food entrepreneurs and businesses planned for February 23, 2016 PATERSON, NJ –The Rutgers Food Innovation Center (FIC) has been awarded a contract from... Más >
K.C. Ruffel
9 de Diciembre de 2015
The Paterson Restoration Corporation is pleased to announce that Rutgers Food Innovation Center has been awarded the contract to provide a feasibility study for the food business incubation program. A full Press realease will be issued shortly. Más >
K.C. Ruffel
6 de Noviembre de 2015
The Paterson Restoration Corporation (PRC) is requesting the submittal of proposals from qualified firms or individuals authorized to do business in the State of New Jersey to complete a comprehensive feasibility study on the potential of developing a food business incubation program, including a FDA and/or USDA food business incubator... Más >
K.C. Ruffel
25 de Septiembre de 2015
Great Falls Great Food Great Stories is a new project for Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park: a platform tha t connects the historical and environmental narratives of the Great Falls district to contemporary life in Paterson, NJ, through the lens of food. The project will launch tomorrow September 30th... Más >
K.C. Ruffel
26 de Mayo de 2015
Famous for its Big Gulp soft drinks and Big Bite hot dogs, the 7 Eleven chain already has one convenience store in Paterson. They plan to open a new location on the corner of Main and Market Streets within the Downtown Business Cooridor. 7‑Eleven stores have fresh-delivered-daily sandwiches and salads,... Más >
20 de Mayo de 2015
Los habitantes de Paterson tienen una nueva fuente para adquirir artículos deportivos— y Modell posee un nuevo y prometedor punto de venta. Es el resultado de la nueva sucursal de la cadena de productos deportivos más importantes que se ha abierto en el centro comercial City Center. Más >
Los empresarios de Paterson se están uniendo para dar un paso importante en la promoción del desarrollo económico. En concreto, se está trabajando para formar tres nuevos distritos especiales, de mejoramiento o “SID”. Estas organizaciones, financiadas por los mismos dueños de las empresas, llevan a cabo proyectos que van desde... Más >
Paterson businesses have joined together to promote economic development by forming several special improvement districts, or SIDs, the most recent in the 21st Avenue business district in South Paterson. These organizations take on projects ranging from neighborhood cleanup and façade improvements to joint marketing efforts. Other SIDs active in Paterson... Más >